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Brussel…sprouts! - June 16, 2010

What an amazing day in Brussels visiting an MEP in the European Commission, the UK representative to the EU, FORATOM and the NWDA. A complete circle of knowledge and contacts, thanks Susie!

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Guten Tag from the IAEA -

What a massive complex the UNO city is! It has it’s own bank, post office and tax free supermarket amongst other things although as I am only an intern I am not allowed into the supermarket. My office is located on the 26th floor which for people that know my fear of heights, it is not [...]

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Structure Vision, Daresbury - April 27, 2010

For my third Footprints placement I worked in a SME called Structure Vision in Daresbury.  They are a software engineering company that use a a mathematical modelling software that they have developed called ‘NuPlant.’  It is used to provide a variety of options for the dismantling of nuclear power plants in order to minimise costs, minimise the amount of time [...]

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Cohort 2 Footprints Day in Liverpool -

I had a fantastic couple of Footprint days in Liverpool, back in February now. Originally from ‘The Wirral’ and having not been back to Liverpool  in the past couple of years, it was fantastic to see the transformation that has taken place in the city centre. Speaking to people from The Merseyside Partnership is was plain [...]

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Working in the Community of St Luke’s - November 12, 2009

Working at St. Luke’s Community centre in Islington has opened my eyes to the lives of others. It is a fantastic place that provides many many services to local residents from ballroom dancing to debt advice. I have been working on an ‘Outreach’ project that aims to identify local residents that do not currently use the centre [...]

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The Department of Energy and Climate Change - November 5, 2009

Two and a half days to go of my secondment with DECC and I am currently on the six monthly emotional roller coaster! I have to leave friends, my comfort zone and the fantastic city that is London and get ready to start all over again! I have very much enjoyed my time here and I would recommend DECC to anyone who would [...]

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nucleargraduates in the Real World -

Some familiar faces appear in Real World magazine…

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Volcano! Becky Read - March 24, 2009

As for my Footprints work, I’ve taught science lessons to primary school children in Millom. Although it was slighting daunting to stand at the front of class, this is a fantastic opportunity to share my love of science. Hopefully encourage the pupils to get more involved with the subject. I recently built a vinegar and [...]

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Skills: Becky Read - March 23, 2009

My first secondment is within the Skills and HR Departments of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and I’m responsible for the day to day running of the scheme and the application process. This is a little strange seeing as I was at an assessment centre 6 months ago. Now I organise them… and everything else! It is [...]

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