7 months of being an engineer - June 27, 2013

It’s almost that time when our first secondments are over and we have to pack up and go so I’ve decided to have a think about what it’s been like overall and what I’ve learnt etc! Being an engineer, I often hear “wow you must do the most interesting stuff, you are such a nerd [...]

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Lab in a lorry anyone? -

So, as part of my stem I had volunteered for, yes, a lab in a lorry whereby there are three experiments involving trying to smash a wine glass, poke a dummy with a camera and recreate sunset in a test tube!  These fun experiments allowed me to demonstrate to pupils how resonance works, fibre optics [...]

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STEM: Mock interviews - February 1, 2013

So I recently took part in a STEM event which involved going into a school to yep that’s right you guessed it give mock interviews! Upon choosing to be involved I thought ok this cant be too bad ask them questions make them think about things and most likely they’ll be the nervous ones. Surprisingly [...]

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