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nucleargraduates Going for Gold… - August 2, 2012

The nucleargraduates Programme Team are “Going for Gold” this week, or at least trying to…! Christine, Jen, Anna and James participated in the Great North Air Ambulance Service 2012 Cycle Challenge. The cycle challenge is in support of raising money for the charity that doesn’t get any funding from government of the national lottery, it [...]

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One small footprint for global athletes, one huge legacy for Newham! - February 11, 2010

In November 2008 the fantastic Susie Hay, footprints programme coordinator and all round amazing lady(!), arranged for me and my fellow graduates (nucleargraduates pioneers – Cohort 1) to visit a little site that will soon be invaded by thousands of people from across the globe for an event in Summer 2012; you may know it [...]

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UK Decommissioning vs. US Decommissioning - November 27, 2009

During my visit to the Idaho National Laboratory I wanted to meet with some people from their decommissioning and clean-up team to make comparisons between decommissioning in the UK and the US. There are immediately visible differences if not purely from the amount of land that each has to work with. As an example, the [...]

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Six months in the U.S. of A -

I’m very quickly coming to the end of my 6 months out in Washington DC and feel sad that it’s nearly over. I was lucky enough to secure a secondment with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE’s) working in the international office within the Office of Nuclear Energy.  I have been involved in a wide [...]

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Sighting – International Celebrity of the Nuclear World! -

News from Washington DC When you think of one of the well known “celebrities” of the nuclear world you imagine a whole entourage of secret service men wearing Men in Black style suits talking into the cuffs of their jackets.  Which is why I was so surprised when I bumped into the International Atomic Energy [...]

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Department of Energy, Washington DC - August 5, 2009

I assume you are all starting to think about your international secondments and some of them are likely to be in the US, potentially at a lab or with the DOE. It took me around 6 months in total to get the authorisation from the DOE that I could come and then get all the [...]

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The JENeration Game - May 27, 2009

The brief: become a STEM Ambassador, go into schools to excite young kids about science, technology, engineering and maths…erm ok then, like that’s easy… The school: Royton & Crompton School, Oldham. The debate: The “Generation” Game – a pro- versus anti-nuclear debate. The speakers: Linda Ashton, Principal Consultant, Atkins (pro); and Peter Wilkinson, founding member [...]

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Welcome to Glasvegas: Jen Li - March 25, 2009

Glasgow is home for secondment two; work is with Magnox North at their Hunterson A Site in West Kilbride on the west coast of Scotland. My new role? Learning and Development Consultant.  My responsibilities? Writing the Knowledge Management Strategy, Policy and Action Plan for Magnox North (that’s a plan that makes sure everyone, including new [...]

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Out of service: Eskdale - March 20, 2009

I began my nucleargraduates ‘walk of life’ in April 2008 with three weeks of intensive preparation in Eskdale in the Lake District. It’s a great out doorsy venue that I shared with 11 other graduates. At first it was quite liberating being in the mountains with no phone or internet reception…well, for about two days. [...]

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Herdus House: Jen Li -

For my first secondment I was based at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s head office in Whitehaven in the Engineering, Technology and Skills Department.  My main remit, as a Project Manager, was to look after the graduate programme itself.   To start with, was very strange. I was on the graduate programme!  But as the weeks turned into months [...]

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