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Friends Never Say Goodbye - August 23, 2012

In a few weeks I will leave the nucleargraduate scheme with many memories, 7 new grey hairs that I pull out on a regular basis and ………………………………..

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Pizza, Pasta e dei Rifiuti Radioattvi - August 6, 2012

Having spent the last month zooming around the remote Italian countryside on my trusty bike Fred, sampling plenty of pizza, all flavours of gelato, spritz, prosecco and any aperitivo that gets in my way, I can safely say……I could easily get used to life here.

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Get on your bike! - May 1, 2012

Calling all cyclists. Do you want to take part in one of the most scenic bike rides in the UK while raising money for charity?

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Please remember to hold the handrail! - April 13, 2012

On my daily internet trawl of Health and Safety Information on regulations, reporting, benchmarking and good practices here’s a horrendous statistic I came across and thought I’d share…..

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HOWDY ALL Y’ALL!!!! (That’s the plural y’all for those of you who don’t speak fluent Texan) - February 27, 2012

We just completed our 3rd and final training zone except this one was a little larger and better than the last two. You may notice a subtle reoccurring theme in this blog.

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The joys of being homeless ermmmmm I mean a nucleargraduate…… - February 21, 2012

It all goes a little like this…………………………

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Understanding the value of the pound - September 6, 2011

……….how do you even teach people that?

These blogs are supposed to be about out the 10% footprints aspect of the nucleargraduates scheme but majority of us just blether about whatever is on our minds when we realise we’re well over due a blog. But this blog is pure footprints! It’s going to be wild! So fasten your seat belts……………..

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Introducing Lazer……. - August 9, 2011

the Consultants 4 Change mascot and at his mercy Toussei and Fusion Consultants neglected and now slightly butchered pandas.

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Nuclear Engineering Residential -

Having just been e-mailed some photos from a colleague and realising I’m due a blog…. or four, I decided to share the photos with you.

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Industry and the Environment - May 3, 2011

Up until now I’ve had another couple of graduates hold my hand at STEM events. I was contacted by my local STEM co-ordinator to see if I was interested in speaking to some high school students about how different industries impact the environment…..I anxiously agreed. I did attempt to pursuade Ben to join me but he [...]

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