Wick - June 20, 2012

Footprints for secondment three is community. When I arrived in Thurso I started looking around for ways to help the community but everything seemed pretty much sorted. In fact, Thurso has a fantastic community spirit. Almost feels like something from the 1950s. It probably comes from the fact that pretty much everyone works at the [...]

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Scouts - June 1, 2012

Since joining nucleargraduates I have been keen to get involved in the scouting movement. I got in touch with the commissioner up in Caithness and was invited to the next Friday meeting. I had no idea of what to expect, I have been a beaver and cub but Scouts was never available to me. I [...]

Organising Tours - May 24, 2012

As I was working so close, I couldn’t leave the area without seeing inside Dounreay. What’s the best way to do this? Organise a tour for me and my fellow nucleargraduates. It also gave me the opportunity to show off the fantastic Vuclan site and the surrounding county (Caithness). The initial organisation was fairly tough; [...]

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Caithness Horizons - March 19, 2012

When both Dounreay’s visitor centre and the local town hall fell foul of the restricted access regulations it seemed a sensible move to pool resources. So Dounreay helped fund the re-purposing of the hall into a heritage centre, the result being Caithness Horizons, a very in depth display of the history of the area all [...]

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Dounreay - February 22, 2012

When the time came for the UK Atomic Energy Authority to build an experimental nuclear reactor, they had a number of options as far as location was concerned. As it turned out, the site of a WWII airfield called HMS Tern (II) was the best fit. This airstrip was the furthest from London on mainland [...]

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Vienna - November 30, 2011

I spent 6 weeks working for the International Atomic Energy Agency (Part of the United Nations Organisation) in UNO-City, Vienna. It would have been foolish to not take advantage of being in Austria. After all, taking advantage of opportunities is what nucleargraduates is all about. I am not a big fan of cities so I [...]

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One Year In - September 27, 2011

I have now been a nucleargraduate for a year and I have learned an incredible amount about not only the nuclear industry, but the world itself. In reflection, I can really see what sets the scheme out from the others. With our trip down to London we saw how we should be interacting with different [...]

UNO-City - September 19, 2011

In 1953, then president of the USA, Eisenhower, proposed an international organisation be created that would promote the peaceful use of atomic power. 4 years after this “Atoms for Peace” speech, the International Atomic Energy Agency was officially founded. It’s headquarters were “temporarily” in the Grand Hotel in central Vienna until 1979 when the Austrian [...]

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Finding Accommodation - August 27, 2011

The curse of being a nucleargraduate is that due to moving around the country so often I have got very used to not having anywhere to live. So far I have only organised accommodation less than a week before I’m due to move. It is now 2 weeks before I am due to move on [...]

Site Tours - August 19, 2011

I have previously written about the opportunity I had at Rolls-Royce to visit Faslane naval base, while I was working for Rolls I also got to see a great deal of their sites in Derby. The same is true of Sellafield, unfortunately the site is 2 1/2 hours away from my office but it’s been [...]