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Footprints or Cycle tracks? - September 16, 2012

As part of my final secondment on the nucleargraduates scheme, footprints has taken me on to two wheels – working with the sustainable transport charity – Sustrans Sustrans work across the UK to create innovative and practical solutions to the transport problem – resulting in travel choices that are better for both people and the [...]

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NASA Aeroplanes (paper ones….) - March 14, 2011

Just got back from an exciting afternoon teaching a class of 9 Р10 year olds about the world of engineering and designing/making paper aeroplanes. It was a great afternoon Рwith lots of it spent dodging planes from the other side of the classroom! Promoting the idea of an engineer not necessarily being a guy [...]

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Decommissioning in North Wales - March 1, 2011

Being based at Trawsfynydd in Snowdonia has certainly been different!¬†Early morning commuting can sometimes be tricky……. I’m currently working as part of the engineering team at Trawsfynydd Decommissioning Site and the work has been fast paced from the off – a result of the current dates for the site to enter ‘care and maintenance‘ as [...]

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