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Snapshots from Cumbria - August 4, 2012

A few snapshots from my second time in Cumbria for y’all to see… x x .

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Footprints on the Beach… - August 3, 2012

As part of our Footprints work for our final secondment a few of us have been helping out on the St Bees Beachfront Regeneration Project. St Bees is a pretty little historic village on the west coast of Cumbria. More can be found out about the St Bees, the beachfront and this project at: [...]

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It’s the seagulls that you want to watch out for… - April 20, 2011

The media frequently portrays the nuclear industry in a negative light.  The general public tend to base their opinions on the information they have readily available – i.e. newspapers, Internet etc.  However, in an area of the country like West Cumbria, where almost everybody has some sort of connection to Sellafield, this is not the case.  People from this [...]

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Footprints in Cumbria!! - April 4, 2011

I now am over halfway through my first secondment on the nucleargraduate scheme.  For my first eight months I am based at Sellafield Ltd up in sunny Cumbria. It’s flown by soooo quickly!!  While at Sellafield, I have had my own base department, but I have also had the opportunity to move around many different areas on [...]

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