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Stop: Outage Time! - October 21, 2009

Oldbury was initially due to cease generation in 2009 but had it’s lifetime extended by the NII following the Generation Optimisation (GO) project.  Requirements of this project are the successful completion of outages for both reactors.  This is where the reactor is shutdown to allow maintenance, repair and inspection work to take place.  Reactor 2’s [...]

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Talking About My Generation -

August ’09 My second placement is working for Magnox North at Oldbury Power Station.  Along with Wylfa, it is one of just two sites in the NDA’s portfolio that is still operational.  The site has two reactors which consist of a graphite core and use carbon dioxide as coolant. I am working in the Station [...]

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It’s too late to apologise: Jon Easthope - April 3, 2009

For my community work, I have run day long science workshops on behalf of Science Oxford. We run these at primary schools in the Oxford area. So far we have done workshops at Langley (nr Slough), Chilton & Cholsey (nr Harwell) and will soon visit two in the centre of Oxford. We do this as there is [...]

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Portfolio: Jon Easthope -

I am based at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and I work for  the NDA’s Supply Chain Development Team. We try to get other companies to enter into the decommissioning sector. This includes looking at how to decrease costs for entry and participation, to improve consistency of working and to make sure the sector communicates its opportunities. [...]

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