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Memories of Canada. Part 3 – manly things - August 13, 2012

Barbecue – Barbecuing is not something to be taken lightly. In Canada, as in the rest of North America, people take their barbecues seriously. There is no such thing as a disposable barbecue in Canada. Purists (and there’s plenty of them around) will tell you that charcoal is the only way to grill, but you [...]

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Memories of Canada. Part 1 – weather and weekends - August 9, 2012

After some reflection, I can safely say Canada is a great place to live

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Scouts - June 1, 2012

Since joining nucleargraduates I have been keen to get involved in the scouting movement. I got in touch with the commissioner up in Caithness and was invited to the next Friday meeting. I had no idea of what to expect, I have been a beaver and cub but Scouts was never available to me. I [...]

Dounreay - February 22, 2012

When the time came for the UK Atomic Energy Authority to build an experimental nuclear reactor, they had a number of options as far as location was concerned. As it turned out, the site of a WWII airfield called HMS Tern (II) was the best fit. This airstrip was the furthest from London on mainland [...]

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Vienna - November 30, 2011

I spent 6 weeks working for the International Atomic Energy Agency (Part of the United Nations Organisation) in UNO-City, Vienna. It would have been foolish to not take advantage of being in Austria. After all, taking advantage of opportunities is what nucleargraduates is all about. I am not a big fan of cities so I [...]

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Life in Derby - January 5, 2011

I have just returned to Derby after a very enjoyable Christmas and Hogmanay back home on the Scottish West Coast (despite a small accident involving a bonfire, a saw and a finger). It has made me realise how different Derby is to where I have lived previously.

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Highland Photos - December 7, 2010

My time with Nucleargraduates has already taken me to some amazing places that I would never have experienced otherwise. I can truly say I have never been anywhere like Caithness and the surrounding  area. Seeing as a picture paints a thousand words I’m not going to write any more:

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