March, 2009

The other side of the rainbow: Hannah Hay - March 31, 2009

For each secondment we commit 10% of our time to corporate social responsibility work. At the moment I’ve been working in schools as a Science & Engineering Ambassador… but if anyone had told me a few months ago that I would be teaching science classes to seven to nine year olds… well, I would have [...]

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Starting: Hannah Hay - March 30, 2009

I started, like all the new graduates, with a three week training course. This helped familiarise me with the industry and get to know the other graduates. We did a lot in that time. Met important people in the industry, went on an exciting out-of-bounds course (this included climbing up very high poles), we played [...]

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Weekly Updates for 2009-03-27 - March 27, 2009

is putting the finishing touches to this months newsletter… # Becky & Ste make the headlines! # @CoolHandNuke: great name, great idea. Good luck with the site, the UK’s nucleargraduates are looking forward to it! in reply to CoolHandNuke #

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The Letter: March 09 -

Hot off the press, the latest news about nucleargraduates

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Applying: Hannah Hay -

When I applied for nucleargraduates it looked like it had everything I wanted. It was interesting, it had industry wide experiences, it offered the chance to travel. And of course it had good pay. Luckily, it has really lived up to that promise. I joined the scheme after graduating from the University of Leeds with [...]

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Trawsfynydd: Patrick O’Hanrahan - March 26, 2009

I am now seconded to Magnox North in Trawsfynydd. I’m working with the Systems Engineering Department. As part of my job I perform systems reviews on items of plant in the Ponds Area. The Systems Review examines all aspects of a system ranging from current maintenance and operational regimes to reviewing historical data and compiling [...]

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Land Quality: Fleur Geoghegan -

My first secondment as a nucleargraduate was within the Waste and Nuclear Materials Department (more specifically working within the Land Quality Team) at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Having come from an academic environment it was an enjoyable challenge to adapt and familiarise myself to the business environment. I have been involved in the review of [...]

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Springwater: Craig Morrow -

I am currently three months into a secondment managing the combined heat and power plant boiler water treatment at the Springfields reprocessing plant in Warrington. The treatment of water in high energy systems, such as steam boilers, is very important in terms of safety, operational efficiency as well as the sites ability to operate. At [...]

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The STEM of a Rose: Craig Morrow -

As part of my work in the community, I have been running workshops and classes to school children on behalf of the Lancaster Education Business Partnership (LEBP). We aim at encouraging, educating and highlighting the opportunities in science and engineering subjects

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Doing my homework: Craig Morrow - March 25, 2009

I ran a project with the South Workington Partnership that helped under privileged school children in this area. These children had a standard of performance that was well below the national average. Teachers at these schools believed that a reason for this may have been that the children had ‘no equipment’ to do their homework. [...]

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