August, 2009

Economic Fusion - August 5, 2009

I was invited to help with the running of the second Footprints residential for Cohort 1, held in Manchester. As somewhat of an outsider to the NDA, I thought it would be interesting to record some of my thoughts and impressions of the programme. The first day kicked off with a meeting with the North [...]

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Department of Energy, Washington DC -

I assume you are all starting to think about your international secondments and some of them are likely to be in the US, potentially at a lab or with the DOE. It took me around 6 months in total to get the authorisation from the DOE that I could come and then get all the [...]

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Health Projects in Central Lancashire -

I help with the sex and relationships education project for schools. I believe they are putting together a national / regional programme for schools and have done extensive research and know exactly what they want to teach. I am going out into the community to talk to the facilitators to see what kind of services [...]

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