June, 2010

Brussel…sprouts! - June 16, 2010

What an amazing day in Brussels visiting an MEP in the European Commission, the UK representative to the EU, FORATOM and the NWDA. A complete circle of knowledge and contacts, thanks Susie!

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Guten Tag from the IAEA -

What a massive complex the UNO city is! It has it’s own bank, post office and tax free supermarket amongst other things although as I am only an intern I am not allowed into the supermarket. My office is located on the 26th floor which for people that know my fear of heights, it is not [...]

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Secondment 1 - June 4, 2010

I am about to finish my first Nucleargraduates 8 month secondment. This seems a good time to reflect on my time in West Cumbria and on my first 8 months on the Nucleargraduates scheme, where my work has been focused on decommissioning. It all started back in September with the Nucleargraduates Cohort 3 ‘development training [...]

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