July, 2011

Talking to Kids - July 29, 2011

I was recently given the opportunity to talk to a group of up-and-coming engineers. They were doing a week long residential course (so they were evidently keen) on the nuclear industry, run by Smallpeice. The main aim of the course was to design and build centrifuges out of some pretty basic materials, this work was [...]

DRIU - July 14, 2011

Torpedo attack is Imminent!! I repeat torpedo attack is Imminent!! 20 Seconds to impact!! I can feel my heart beat pounding coming out of my chest! My legs are shaking!! I would be sweating if it wasn’t for the wet, cold environment in the ships cabin!! 10 Seconds to impact I hear the crew members [...]

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Protect the Restricted! - July 12, 2011

Well I sort of Assist. In Executing things.

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Running A Business - July 7, 2011

Our footprints activity for this secondment is to set up and run our own businesses. The opportunity is fantastic; being able to create a business without any risk. I mentioned it to a graduate I’m working with and he was really impressed, and very keen to help in anyway he can. The problem is I [...]

Sellafield Project - July 6, 2011

I’m currently helping in a really interesting project which demonstrates the type of planning required in engineering. The government has stated that we must finish dealing with the irradiated fuel from Magnox stations within an agreed time period. Currently it is reprocessed, but what will happen if our means of reprocessing becomes unavailable for some [...]

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