January, 2012

Influence….. - January 25, 2012

A footprints workshop in London, and an opportunity to grow, I have to admit I was sceptical, however upon arriving I find out that we were going to visit the houses of parliament, DECC and do some impromptu filming of the people of London…… Suddenly I’m thinking this could be good! Monday and we are [...]

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The Cohort, The Job, The Experience -

Apart from writing a personal daily diary of my travels, I have never written a story of part of my life; except for maybe in infant school so please be patient, it is my first time… I have met many people before, but not met a group of people as great our Cohort, I have [...]

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All Day, All Night - January 22, 2012

Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living? I’m 4 months into my nucleargraduates career, it’s my first ever full time job and there’s a few things that really make this experience a little bit different to any other. You don’t just do the same routine week in, week out, working 37 [...]

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Our Sounds -

Fizz, Pop, BANG, Woosh, Hissssssss, Click, Un-Click, Tick-Tock, Kerching, These sounds are heard when working in our industry, but most importantly, Out of all that pandemonium, Are power lines that always hmmm

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Nuclear Bombs…? - January 21, 2012

I spent most of last week in London participating in my first footprints workshop. This involved many different activities, from working in schools, chatting to occupy protestors (or social ambassadors or whatever they wanted to be called) to walking into Westminster and talking to MPs and the head of the NDA. With all the people [...]

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S.E.L.L.A.F.I.E.L.D. -

One thing I’ve learnt since starting at Sellafield and working in the nuclear industry- it’s an acronym and abbreviation minefield! Hence, I think it’s only right for my first blog to run along the same theme… Safety. My first secondment is in Health and Safety. The team I work with ensures all the plant workers [...]

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Why Is That Bloke Wearing an Eyepatch and a Cowgirl Hat? - January 20, 2012

A large (and probably the best) part of the scheme is the Footprints work. The simple idea behind it is ‘leaving behind something positive for others’. Alongside our everyday work, we have been getting involved with local groups (schools, businesses, communities etc) in ways that are mutually beneficial. The main positives I’ve personally found from [...]

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On introductions and the media - January 19, 2012

Welcome all to my first blog post. Hopefully this will be something I keep up with, jotting down my experiences of the nuclear industry, my journey through it, the hilarious mistakes I made, and how well I managed to cover them up. I must warn the reader now that this will be a long one [...]

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Dreams -

So it’s almost halfway through my first secondment, and it’s still as good as ever! Starting at my first placement at the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (as those who have read these blogs so far, you can probably guess this gets given an acronym, UTC) I was a slight bit cautious. Being a student at [...]

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A week in the life of a NucGrad - January 14, 2012

It’s always hard to decide what job to apply for because although many graduate schemes use a lot of fancy language to explain what the job might entail you can never really know what you would be doing day to day, so how can you decide if you would enjoy it or not. So, I [...]

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