February, 2012

The end of 4 months with the fly-boys. - February 29, 2012

A fond look back at my first placment

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HOWDY ALL Y’ALL!!!! (That’s the plural y’all for those of you who don’t speak fluent Texan) - February 27, 2012

We just completed our 3rd and final training zone except this one was a little larger and better than the last two. You may notice a subtle reoccurring theme in this blog.

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Busy times! - February 25, 2012

What a fortnight and still not able to relax, between writing a summary report and finally submitting my assignment. A work trip to Paris has been the only relaxation possible! I’ll not bore you with details of report writing, suffice to say they are a bit dull but necessary. And having to knock up a 6k [...]

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Dounreay - February 22, 2012

When the time came for the UK Atomic Energy Authority to build an experimental nuclear reactor, they had a number of options as far as location was concerned. As it turned out, the site of a WWII airfield called HMS Tern (II) was the best fit. This airstrip was the furthest from London on mainland [...]

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The joys of being homeless ermmmmm I mean a nucleargraduate…… - February 21, 2012

It all goes a little like this…………………………

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A Trip to London, Go on then - February 20, 2012

As part of our program we attend “footprint workshops” which are based around our corporate social responsibility programme. We were lucky enough to head down to London for 3 days for several unknown activities for our first workshop. NuclearGraduates like to keep you on your feet. I spent the first day learning the basics of [...]

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Half way through my first secondment -

After having a very busy initial two weeks training with NuclearGraduates in Cumbria I made my way down to sunny Trawfynydd in North Wales to work on the Magnox decommissioning site. My first couple of weeks were pretty quiet due to the fact I had to wait for my clearance. I had been assigned as [...]

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Franco-British Summit: One night in Paris -

  After receiving this email: ‘Would you like to go to Paris next Friday as an ambassador for nucleargraduates?’ I thought to myself, how can I pass up a work trip to Paris? I couldn’t, so after getting permission from my line manager and submitting a successful business case, I was off to Gai Paris! [...]

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Texas Adventures – Never go to Blackburn!! - February 19, 2012

I couldn’t be happier when we got the email through confirming that our third development zone was going to be help in Texas. Yes, Texas in the United States. I always wanted to go to the US as a child and never got the chance. I was buzzing at the thought!! It was a sunday [...]

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- February 17, 2012

Blog 1: Well, what can I say, it has been just over two months into my new graduate scheme with the nucleargraduates, and I’m loving it! Started off with an intense two weeks training zone up in the far northern reaches of West Cumbria, where among other things I got to meet the rest of [...]

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