June, 2012

Wick - June 20, 2012

Footprints for secondment three is community. When I arrived in Thurso I started looking around for ways to help the community but everything seemed pretty much sorted. In fact, Thurso has a fantastic community spirit. Almost feels like something from the 1950s. It probably comes from the fact that pretty much everyone works at the [...]

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Secondment Jealousy!! - June 17, 2012

No matter how good my secondments are, I always end up getting jealous of other peoples secondments!! Whether that is because people are discussing how they are crawling around a submarine for their day job, or talking about the climbing into the Reactor Compartment and receiving a dose. So with the majority of the cohort [...]

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A map - June 4, 2012

The last 8 months from Google’s point of view:

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Scouts - June 1, 2012

Since joining nucleargraduates I have been keen to get involved in the scouting movement. I got in touch with the commissioner up in Caithness and was invited to the next Friday meeting. I had no idea of what to expect, I have been a beaver and cub but Scouts was never available to me. I [...]