August, 2012

Opps…. - August 29, 2012

Well my two years as a nucleargraduate are nearly up and so far I’ve only published one blog…oops! Honestly, I have been writing them during my secondments, I just never got around to putting them up! Why the sudden rush to publish them? Well I’ve only four weeks left to do it and more importantly, [...]

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End of the Secondment (Finally) - August 28, 2012

So the 11 month mark is approaching and I may finally be leaving my host company! The past couple months in Rolls have been interesting to say the least! There has been ups, for example getting to be in contact with several companies, hopefully in the right way! And also not so great times the [...]

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Friends Never Say Goodbye - August 23, 2012

In a few weeks I will leave the nucleargraduate scheme with many memories, 7 new grey hairs that I pull out on a regular basis and ………………………………..

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Nucleargardeners - August 17, 2012

When hunting for footprints work to do in Derby I came across The Conservation Volunteers and decided that the opportunity for some manual labour while leaving some ‘physical footprints’ was too good to miss. Diain and I rocked up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to the pre-arranged meeting point, tumbled into the minibus and were whisked away [...]

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Memoires… - August 14, 2012

I have just found this blog from the end of my days in France, I felt it would be a shame not to share it with you! Soooo here you are! It’s the final countdown, dododododdodododo…. ….well, on reflection, perhaps not. But it is nearly the end of my first secondment, sniff sniff! So only  a few [...]

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Memories of Canada. Part 3 – manly things - August 13, 2012

Barbecue – Barbecuing is not something to be taken lightly. In Canada, as in the rest of North America, people take their barbecues seriously. There is no such thing as a disposable barbecue in Canada. Purists (and there’s plenty of them around) will tell you that charcoal is the only way to grill, but you [...]

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I have weight issues - August 10, 2012

Just before starting the nucleargraduates scheme I had spent the summer months getting in serious shape and training for the London to Paris Bike ride. I was feeling good so when I went to Training Zone 1 I gave myself a chance to let myself go. And I really did. I love my food, and [...]

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Memories of Canada. Part 2 – people and places -

Part 2… People – everyone is friendly in Canada, OK maybe slightly less so in Quebec, but there’s only so much love between the Brits and French and, unlike in America, you really do get the impression that people mean it when they wish you a nice day. This could well be an illusion and [...]

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Memories of Canada. Part 1 – weather and weekends - August 9, 2012

After some reflection, I can safely say Canada is a great place to live

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Pizza, Pasta e dei Rifiuti Radioattvi - August 6, 2012

Having spent the last month zooming around the remote Italian countryside on my trusty bike Fred, sampling plenty of pizza, all flavours of gelato, spritz, prosecco and any aperitivo that gets in my way, I can safely say……I could easily get used to life here.

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