September, 2012

Life Plan!! - September 20, 2012

Sometimes in life, an event happens to you that makes you think about your life. One of those events in mine is known as ‘Derek Browne’, but that was just because he told me too! Derek Browne is a successful business man and entrepreneur and during one of our nucleargraduates meet-ups we had a few [...]

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Time for a Brew - September 19, 2012

I am currently in my second placement as a nucleargraduate. My first was in a shiny new building, with flat screen TV’s, meeting pods, windows that automatically open when it’s hot inside and all the latest manufacturing machinery. The building is so new that we would regularly have visitors keen to see what this new [...]

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Footprints or Cycle tracks? - September 16, 2012

As part of my final secondment on the nucleargraduates scheme, footprints has taken me on to two wheels – working with the sustainable transport charity – Sustrans Sustrans work across the UK to create innovative and practical solutions to the transport problem – resulting in travel choices that are better for both people and the [...]

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Almost Done :-( - September 9, 2012

Well nucleargraduates is almost over for me and the rest of Cohort 4, sad times! In recognition of this I thought I’d tell you how I’m feeling on the lead up to the ‘end’. It’s quite strange to think that after Sept 27th Cohort 4 will have no reason to meet in one place at one [...]

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