February, 2013

UK Mission in Geneva - February 28, 2013

During Cohort fives footprints visit to Geneva we were able to visit the UK mission stationed there. The UK mission in Geneva represents a number of government departments and aims to achieve the government’s domestic, foreign, development and security policy objectives. This is achieved through engagement and participation in international organisations, principally the United Nations [...]

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Her Story . . . - February 26, 2013

I recently completed a questionnaire for The Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (WiSET). This group aims to address the under-representation of women in STEM subjects, degrees and jobs in the workplace. Part of their website is a section called Her Story which offers a resource bank of profiles with information highlighting progression routes into [...]

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Training doesn’t have to mean lectures. - February 21, 2013

Without a doubt my favourite parts of the nucleargraduates programme are the training zones and mid secondment meet ups when the whole cohort get together.  So far we have been to Cumbria, Birmingham, Edinburgh and London and we have only been on the scheme 4 months!  It’s not all been lectures either; we have also [...]

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C.A.S.C.A.D.E. - February 13, 2013

I nucleargraduates we’re put into teams, that we work with throughout the scheme.  The team I am in is named Cascade.  One day we were asked to iterate how we felt about our team’s experience within nucleargraduates, and we came up with an acronym; C is for challenging We all agreed that nucleargraduates is a [...]

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Lego, Annual Conference and Gangsters - February 11, 2013

Well we are now entering beginning of December 2012 and have completed my first STEM event. STEM is where we go into schools to teach them about science and engineering in a fun and exciting way, either by workshops, events or setting up a science club. My event was to talk about the wonders of [...]

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Conferences, Networking and Dodgem Cars - February 8, 2013

Well moving on from the previous blog about the Keswick trip to beginning of November and been working at my placement for couple of weeks and enjoying it! From learning where the tea and coffee making facilities are to about how the site works and different projects happening on the site, each day learn something [...]

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Taking the ‘P’… - February 5, 2013

This is the Cobalt take on nucleargraduates. So we put out heads together at the mid-secondment meet-up and this is what we produced… a load of ‘P’s, or the golden ‘P’s, if you will. Hopefully these hints and tips will provide a guiding hand for a new nucleargrad. Preparation First and foremost, be ready for [...]

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STEM how hard can it be… - February 4, 2013

Never once in my life have I written a blog so here goes nothing… As part of the nucleargraduates scheme a requirement is for us to contribute some of our working time to STEM activities so I thought I would share a few personal experiences I have had with STEM. Now first things first I am [...]

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STEM: Mock interviews - February 1, 2013

So I recently took part in a STEM event which involved going into a school to yep that’s right you guessed it give mock interviews! Upon choosing to be involved I thought ok this cant be too bad ask them questions make them think about things and most likely they’ll be the nervous ones. Surprisingly [...]

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Science, Technology…Epic Mathematics? Seems legit. -

As a nuclear graduate, we are all required to do S.T.E.M work in schools to help mold the minds of the next generation. Or something like that anyway. I’d consider it a victory if the kids were kept interested while we sneakily make them learn about science. I got round to doing my first STEM [...]

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