Bonne Année/Happy New Year!

By Fiona Connell | lightbulbs | January 26, 2011

 Wow the last month has flown past! Well maybe not flown… possibly more like a fast walk, oh, or an amble? Hm, that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?!  


Possibly a tad slower than my last month

Possibly a tad slower than my last month


Well I suppose I should share with you what I’ve been up to for the last month…what was that…”Oh! Yes please!” I hear you cry! Don’t fret; hold your horses and I shall tell you what’s been happening!


A man having a little trouble holding his horses!

A man having a little trouble holding his horses!









So since I last wrote I’m sad to say my boss’ Scottish hasn’t improved greatly and my French is progressing so slowly it’s actually impressive. It’s a bit like watching a snail race, one painted with a Scottish flag, the other with a French and both going nowhere!  



Snail racing-much like learning languages




Before leaving work for Christmas holidays I was given a wee project to try to learn about how nuclear sensors, probes and what not work?


French and English, English and French, joy.

Hm, confusing stuff, even more so when all the data is in a foreign language. Google translate I love you but even you can only do so much! So my new project has carried over to this year and I’ve been given a few add-ons to look up as I go. I’ve pretty much gone from learning about how lots of small things work, to figuring out how the whole safety control system fits together. It’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, and I’m still working on putting the pieces together. It’s a definite learning experience!






On the plus side there are some nice people here who have been helping me along, yes Malo that’s you :-p The team here are really supportive, they even try to make me think I am helping them by speaking English, its just marvellous!


Another example of a supportive team

That’s the learning bit over, so what else can I tell you? Hm, let me see…Ah yeh, life en France! Well it’s been a few months now and I’m slowly settling into the way of things here. It hasn’t been the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but then what’s life without a challenge?  

I have settled into a nice wee routine everyday; work, sociable lunch, more work and then dinner with the flatmates! I feel like such a grown up!image009











One flatmate has decided not to reply to me unless I speak in French, a novel approach to helping me learn I think! It can make for some pretty dull dinner conversation however, as each sentence I try and say takes me a full five minutes of brain cog turning agony to produce! Ouchee!


My brain processing French

And so I shall leave you now to ponder over the wondrousness that is life as a nucleargrad in France!


À bientôt!




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