Trip to Faslane

By Diain | Uncategorized, editorial | January 30, 2011

My professional development mentor organised a trip for us and a couple of Roll-Royce new starts to take a trip up to Faslane to get a trip on a submarine. Organising the trip was slightly more complicated than it could have been due to me being officially a sub contractor at Rolls, Having gone over these hurdles, it should now be easier for another nucleargraduate to go on a similar trip.

The visit itself was a fairly whistle stop tour of the site, although split over 2 days the travel time (leaving RR at 7 am) and administration once we had arrived meant we didn’t get onto the boat until about half 3. It was great seeing the work I’m doing put in some context, and just seeing inside something not open to the general public was well worth the travel.

The night was spent in Helensburgh, and the next morning we returned to Faslane to see more of the site. The two parts we saw were the Ship lift Facility and NSRS . The SFL was jaw dropping; the sheer size of the building was amazing. The floor is made up of wooden slats that drop into the water, a boat drives in and the floor rises again taking the boat up with it. The NSRS visit was interesting, unfortunately the submarine was out, but we had a look around the shed where the rest of the kit was (enough to fit on 24 articulated Lorries) and it was interesting to see the amount of logistics required to ship the stuff anywhere in the world in 72 hours on 0 notice.

Ship Lift

Ship Lift

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