6 degrees of separation…

By Greg Geissler | footprints, lightbulbs | March 19, 2012

For those not familiar with this theory, the idea is by using 6 connections (friend of a friend and so on) you could connect yourself with anyone in the world!

As you may have picked up about nucleargraduates is that there are several secondments, and I’m approaching the time where I’m searching for new opportunities and goals. As we have a fair amount of freedom regarding these secondments, the six degrees of separation comes in handy.

With my idea on where to go, I went about speaking to people in the office and I come away with a couple contacts. After speaking to these I get a new contact… and finally after speaking with him, I get to the Graduate and Apprentice Manager of the company I want to work for. Not so much hard work, but took a while.

CV is with him now and all I can say is fingers crossed! What I’ve learnt from this is to keep in touch with everyone you can, be nice to these people, and they will be able to help you out one way or another. Combine this with the six degrees of separation and you should be able to contact anyone you need to this way.

The next point to say here is that emails will not always get replied to! This isn’t to say don’t send them, on the contrary you should send them 1st as it gives you an excuse to call! When on the phone all you have to do is say the phrase “Did you get my email?” and things will start happening sooner than you think!

Thought I’d keep this post short and sweet, hope you enjoyed.

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