Please remember to hold the handrail!

By Laura Bohill | lightbulbs | April 13, 2012

On my daily internet trawl of Health and Safety Information on regulations, reporting, benchmarking and good practices here’s a horrendous statistic I came across and thought I’d share…..

“RoSPA research shows that at least 22 children have died in the UK since 1999 after becoming accidentally tangled in the loop cord of a window blind.”

If you don’t believe me check out the link

Ok so this stat doesn’t have any correlation with the nuclear industry but I thought it was pretty shocking and wanted to share.

So why do I trawl health and safety stuff? I’m currently on secondment in the NDA working with their Nuclear Assurance Team. Don’t worry it didn’t mean much to me either at the start.

Basically the team covers all maters to so with Health, Safety, Security, Sustainability and the Environment and manages the oversight of assurance across the NDA estate. This means a whole new set of acronyms, new regulators, new reporting requirements, new indicators, new metrics  and the internet is a legend.

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