Opportunity Knocks

By RachaelArchibald | editorial | April 16, 2012

Working life on the scheme is very busy, sometimes ridiculously busy. Although this sometimes seems like its too much, the opportunities which come out of all the hard work are usually worth it. Each of us is working in a different department in several different companies, which leads to different opportunities for each of us. Playing giant jenga using robots is one of the things which one of the others has got the chance to do, they promised it was real work, not just play.

Just last week, I had one of the busiest working days, and none of if was nucelargraduates work. It was all related to my day to day role currently at the Nuclear AMRC. In the morning I was trying to arrange a venue for an event i’m organising, The event will have MD’s and others from companies we believe will be capable of getting work in the UK nuclear new build industry. My event is going to be the pilot for this, so I’ve got a lot of responsibility in organising it.

Later in the morning there was the board meeting, this happens quarterly during the year and members of the Nuclear AMRC board include EDF, AREVA, Westinghouse and many other big players in the industry. The representatives they send are extremely important in the industry. I got the chance to give them a presentation, on the F4N program I’m managing. They are all really interested in this and there’s no other place I could get this type of opportunity. Managed to make them all laugh and my project was discussed in length. A brilliant experience.

Once that was all done, the communications guy at work needed someone to talk about the F4N project for our marketing video. My line manager wasn’t keen and asked if I would do it, so having said yes I found myself in front of a camera, with a microphone on being interviewed. I will forever more appear in this video. Another random but exciting opportunity.

This was a one off day, but it shows, you can only take opportunities if your in the right place at the right time. More often i’m finding the nucleargraduates scheme allows this to happen.

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