The Saphire Disk of Foreverness

By Helen | editorial | July 30, 2012

We’ve hit the big time!

Well, by we, I mean the project I’ve been working on.

Well, by the project I’ve been working on, I mean some of the issues and people most concerned with the project I’ve been working on.

And by the big time, I mean Science Now –

Basically, one of the areas of work featured on the agenda for the meeting we’re holding in September is the Sapphire Disk featured on this page of Science Now – as well as a few other news outlets, including CBS.

It’s an entertaining read  – not simply for your bonny self, dear reader, but (more importantly) for the undersigned, as I have either met, corresponded with or written up presentations by the people mentioned. I have bothered them to complete questionnaires, I have asked them to confirm their attendance at the aforementioned meeting, I have let them know that the proceedings for the last meeting are now available on our project website.

I have also helped to write the agenda which will feature the Sapphire Disk, including a demonstration of same during one of the coffee breaks.

Actually, my favourite part of that article are the comments at the end – most of which read along the lines of ‘they should just do this…’

Amazing how some people can read one article and solve a problem that 12 NEA member countries are taking two years to discuss and develop. But hey, that’s the beauty of the internet – geniuses at work!

(Obviously Tim Berners-Lee was an actual genius. How brilliant was it when he turned up in the opening ceremony? Loved it.)

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