Daleks, Dry Ice and Windmills

By PaulButler | footprints | June 27, 2013

Don’t worry you are reading the correct blog and not on one about an episode of Doctor Who, (the latest was a good episode), though in one of my STEM events consisted of daleks and dry ice.

It’s now middle of March and I am in full swing of STEM events with going to several career events for secondary schools to tell them the wonderful world of working in the nuclear industry, to helping out with engineering workshops with Lego design. One of the STEM events stood out which was this one. It was a cold snowy Saturday morning when I arrived at the venue. Now this was open to all age ranges to come and spend the morning with different activates to make science fun and interesting. One of the main activities was to build your own Dalek!, don’t worry there were made out of K-nex, with each having a motor making them  able to move and some even turned their head. Whilst this activity was going on I looked after another one which was the dry ice. Dry Ice is frozen Carbon Dioxide cooled down to -700C and when this reacts with warm water you get what looks like scotch mist which can cover the floor if the right mixture is found;  they use this on film sets like Harry Potter. Everyone who came and viewed the dry Ice enjoyed the show and was fascinated by its properties.

Another STEM event that I helped was a lego workshop to explain wind power. This was possible by using a special lego construction kit where in pairs they built a windmill connected to an electric metre and using the latest in wind technology (an electric fan) simulated the wind, to see if the windmill they built would move and show the amount of energy being produced. Though to make it more interesting, changed the distance from the electric fan and the amount of blades on the windmill to see if any changes occurred which it did, to show the students that wind power is dependent on amount of wind available and the amount of blades you have on them.

Overall the STEM events for the month went very well with all attending saying they enjoyed what they learnt; the story continues in the next enthralling blog called Trains, CSI and Water Bowls.

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