Stores, Scotland and Sellafield

By PaulButler | footprints | June 27, 2013

Well it’s nearly the end of my first placement up in Scotland and it has been an interesting experience, with what I have been able to learn, be able to take part in and the people whom I have met. If I were to write down everything then it would be the same size as the Lord of the Rings trilogy! Though in the past several blogs I have given you a taster of the experiences I have had working on a site, though like to share one final an experience I had recently which was interesting as it put into perppective the immense task of decommissioning a nuclear site. It is the plan in Scotland to have all Intermediate Level Waste to be stored above ground in what could be said as a reinforced concrete box which is couple of meters thick! A couple of thousand boxes shall be placed inside the ILW store. I was able to stand inside the store, where when operational will be sealed from humans being able to go in there for the next 100-150 years!  The amazing point was the size of the vault as it felt like standing inside a cathedral with the acoustic being able to hear your own echo. Though the engineering behind the ILW store is impressive and shows that a plan is in place for when Hunterston A site is put into a care and maintenance state.

Other aspects of working at Hunterston that I might not have explained in much detail are living in Scotland away from England. Being able to go and see the beauty of Loch Ness, Loch Lomond or going to the city of Glasgow and experience the culture, being on the nucleargraduate scheme has given me this opportunity. Though now my first placement is over and time to move onto the next one which is based at Sellafield in West Cumbria.

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